Privacy Policy 


We are delighted that you have shown interest in the services of Travvy (After this referred to as "Platform", or, us, or our, or We), provided via Platform Android or iOS application Travvy or the Website. The Platform connects users (drivers and guests) for carpooling purposes and doesn't own vehicle or employs drivers to accomplish carpooling purposes. Drivers and guests enter into an agreement, which is independent of Platform. Carpooling booking provided through Platform is restricted to linking drivers and guests headed to the same destination or the same direction and includes, any booking services incidental to providing the carpooling booking above. Incidental services include but is not limited to Payment services, customer support service, etc. 

The management of Platform understands Data protection is of significant value to the Users, and therefore, is committed to complying with the Privacy laws of Australia. The use of Platform is not possible without collecting Personal Information from the User. The Platform collects, uses, discloses, and holds Personal Information according to the Australian Data protection laws, primarily the Data Privacy Act, 1988. Further, the Platform adheres to Australian Privacy Principles stated in the Data Privacy Act, 1988. This document shall offer Platform Users insights into the organization's practice concerning collection, use, disclosure, and holding of Personal Information, according to the Australian Privacy Principles.

This privacy document (together with our terms and conditions) sets out the ground rules for any personal data we collect from you or the use of personal data that you provide us with, or personal data that we disclose, or personal data that we hold. Besides, Users can read this document to familiarize themselves with the rights available to them concerning safeguarding their Personal Information. This document will give Users overview of how the Platform uses the data collected, the extent of using the data collected, and the objectives of using the data collected. 

The Platform deploys state-of-the-art technology and adheres to Australian privacy principle 11, which prescribes security measures an organization shall take to protect the Users' Information collected. The Platform ensures where a third party is involved in storage or transmission of the data; the third party mentioned thereof adheres to the best industry practices concerning managing and protecting data. Be that as it may, internet-based technology is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Therefore we cannot guarantee absolute protection. 


2.1 - Adopted: An organization adopts a government related identifier if it collects a particular government related identifier of an individual and organizes the Personal Information that it holds about that individual regarding that identifier. 

2.2 - Use: When an organization handles and manages that information within the organization's effective control.

2.3 - Application Services: The Application Services are for the primary purpose of bringing the Drivers and guests together(Carpooling). Other Services that may be incidental to fulfilling the primary purpose includes booking services, customer support service, payment services, and other related services.

2.4 - Disclosed/s: An organization Discloses Personal Information when it makes it accessible or visible to others who are outside the entity and releases the subsequent handling of the Personal Information from its effective control.

2.5 - Government-related identifiers:  Section 6 (1) defines A 'government related identifier' of an individual as an identifier that has been assigned by: 

2.5.1 - an agency; 

2.5.2 - a State or Territory authority; 

2.5.3 - an agent of an agency, or a State or Territory authority, acting in its capacity as agent, or 

2.5.4 -  a contracted service provider for a Commonwealth contract, or a State contract, acting in its capacity as the contracted service provider for that contract. 

2.6 - Personal information: as any 'information or an opinion about an identified individual, or a reasonably identifiable individual: 

2.6.1 - whether the information or opinion is true or not, and

2.6.2 - whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.

2.7 - User: A person who signs-up on the application, and a User account is created and include drivers and riders or visitors to the Website.

2.8 you: User 


3.1 - You may provide us with information that may include Personal Information when you use our application by singing-up on the application, communicating with us by phone, email, or other means. We may collect information when you report a problem with our application. 


3.2 - You shall submit mandatory information that may be personal, and the Platform requires the mandatory information as part of signing-up and creation of User account. After signing-up and creation of the User account, the User shall avail of the Application Services. This includes your name, email address, residential address, date of birth, gender, and mobile phone number, and license details of Users. The information above is mandatory, and the User will not be able to access the application features unless the User provides the mandatory information

3.3 - Users to sign-up and create a User account on the application, the following documents are required:

3.3.1.A photograph

3.3.2.A Postal address

3.3.3.Details of your cars (For Users registering as drivers)

3.3.4.Identity cards issued by the Government: Passport (For drivers and riders), Medicare card (For drivers and riders) and Driving licence (For drivers and riders) 


4.1 - A record of any communication between you and us

4.2 - A record of any bookings you have made, or you have placed with or through our application.

4.3 - Financial transactions, including transactions, carried out through our application or otherwise may include your payment card or bank account details, details of trips, or legs you have booked.

4.4 - History of your visits to our applications.

4.5 - Your answers concerning surveys or questionnaires, like reviews on the trips you have undertaken with other members of our application. Such information may be utilized for analysis and User understanding purposes

4.6 - Information that you may be asked to submit with regards to any complaint that you may have lodged with us.

4.7 - Location information to which the User shall consent, which may be incidental to the use of the application by the User.



5.1 - We shall use the Personal Information collected by us to meet our obligations arising from Users signing-up on our application and delivering to the Users the Application Services for which they signed-up. 

5.2 - To send you service-related information by and/or text message and/or any other communication means (e.g., booking confirmation)

5.3 - For providing the Users with personal experience, when they use the application.

5.4 - For facilitating your interaction and communication with other members about our services or about the trip you have/will share with other members and/or organize such trips

5.5 - For providing customer support services and facilitating communication with our respective team

5.6 - To enable compliance with (1) applicable laws (2) Terms and conditions, and (3) Privacy notice

5.7 - To send you, according to the relevant law where applicable and where required with your consent, marketing materials, and information necessary to deliver services or complete the booking process. We may use the data for targeting you on other social media platforms.

5.8 - To notify you about modifications in our services

5.9 - To confirm the information provided by User including Driving license, Medicare number, and Passport.

5.10.To operate our application and for internal management including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, analytic and survey purposes

5.11 - To render you with interactive features of our application when you choose to do so

5.12 - For application maintenance and providing secured access to the application

5.13 - Government-related identifiers that a User submits shall not be adopted but only used or Disclosed where necessary for verification of the Users to provide Application Services in under terms and conditions of our application.


6.1 - When a User uses our application, some information is shared with other members of our application. Such information is essential for providing Application Services through our application to the User and includes your profile information registered with us.  This information may be shared as a part of the booking process (Telephone number to the members with whom you will share ride).

6.2 - We engage third parties in providing Application Services to you. It may entail Using information, which includes Personal Information. Scenarios wherein Personal Information may be Used:

6.2.1.It is necessary to involve third-party service providers for the performance of the contract, which we enter with you according to the terms and conditions of our application.

6.2.2.In conformance with our booking service and facilitation of requested services, information such as your name, photograph, mobile phone number and/or email address, may be displayed on the Platforms and/or passed on to a passenger (driver's information) or a driver (Passenger's information);

6.2.3.We may Disclose or Use your information if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that such access, preservation, or Disclosure is reasonably necessary under the Data Privacy Act, 1988.

6.2.4.If we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case we may Disclose your Data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets; and

6.2.5.If Platform or all or part of its assets are acquired by a third party, in which case Personal Data held by it about its members will be one of the transferred assets.


7.1 - We store the collected information on our servers in Australia.

By sending a request to, the User shall access the details regarding such appropriate safeguards.



8.1 - We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input in addition to maintaining the security of your information as per the International Standard IS/ISO/IEC 27001 on "Information Technology Security Techniques Information Security Management System-Requirements."

8.2 - We transmit only the last four digits of your credit card numbers when confirming an order. Of course, We transmit the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during order processing.

8.3 - We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage, and disclosure of personal information (including sensitive personal information). Our security procedures mean that We may occasionally request proof of identity before We share personal information to you.

8.4 - We believe in state-of-the-art security technology for protecting our Website from any cyberattacks or similar scenarios. Therefore, We deploy advanced technology to our Website and application for providing services through the Website or application so that our Users can use without any consternations regarding cybersecurity issues.

8.5 - However, the internet is not bereft of cyberattacks, which have collapsed the best of technologies. We try our best the data you transmit through the Website or application is secured, and no unauthorized access could be made to the data We store. We do not warrant and represent that your data is unbreachable. 


9.1 - Users have the right to access the Personal Information, which is held by us subject to exceptions permitted by law.

9.2 - Such a request shall be in writing for record purposes and be sent at 54 Alcock Street Maddington WA 6109 or Lyftbuddy Pty Ltd trading as Travvy reserves the right to charge a fee for searching for and providing access to, your information on a per request basis. 

9.3 - You may request the correction of your inaccurate Personal Information. Any such request must be sent in writing or emailed at 54 Alcock Street Maddington WA 6109 or


10.1.We shall store your personal information until it serves the purpose for which it was collected or is essential to render you our services.

10.2.The exceptions to the above stipulations are:

10.2.1 When required under the law

10.2.2 For our operations where We need the record to deal with any complaint or where under law, we must comply with closed accounts regulations.​ can always delete your account on our Website, or you can request that We no longer use your information to provide our services to you. In compliance with such a request, We shall delete your personal information held with us. However, We may store data after the request if required under law or the exceptions stated under 10.2.1 and 10.2.2.


11.1 - You have the option of not submitting us the information. However, this may lead to you not able to access the application.

11.2 - You can opt-out of the email communications vis-à-vis promotional or advertisement email We occasionally send to you. If you do not want to receive email or other mail from us, please write an email to us at We shall conspicuously display the opt-out information on the Website and application. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions and privacy policy to keep yourself updated of any amendments to these documents.

11.3 - We engage third parties for providing application services through the Website to you. It may entail disclosing information, which includes Personal Information.



12.1.Stripe is a gateway enabling easier and faster payments against the booking placed by you. 

12.2.Only information that is necessary to process the payment is transmitted to the Third-Party Payment service provider.

12.3.You could access the privacy policy of the payment service provider here



The privacy policy may change in the future. Any such modification shall be posted here on our privacy policy page. Where necessary, we will notify the User or obtain their consent. The User is requested to visit this page at regular intervals for keeping themselves abreast of our privacy policy.


Any User who has queries or questions regarding the above privacy policy can contact us at

A User may register a complaint with us concerning our privacy practices or any related matter. If the User is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the User can contact the Office of the Australian Information

Commissioner (OAIC) here.