Frequently asked questions page (FAQ)

What is Travvy:
Travvy is trusted carpooling app that instantly matches you with other Travvy riders and drivers going on similar journeys as you. Carpooling is an effective way to utilize empty passenger seats that otherwise go empty, saving you time & money.

Who can commute with Travvy?
Travvy caters to all commuters such as:
• Office workers
• School rides for parents
• Party goers
• Backpackers
• Anyone who wish to enjoy Carpooling.

Where can I travel to?
Travvy is perfect for any trip or journey
• Commuting to work and school
• Going to parties or events
• Quick drop-offs
• Picking up friends along the way

Does Travvy have women only carpooling?
Not yet, But Travvy is working towards it. Travvy will let you set your driver/riders gender before you commute. You can set the gender in the Travvy phone app profile settings in future.

How is carpooling different:
Carpooling with Travvy is an effective way to share a ride with others near you going on similar journeys as you. Travvy cuts the cost with every passenger that embarks with you. Travvy is more social than other traditional ridesharing apps, its safe with personalization settings.

How safe is Travvy carpooling?
We are partnered with Stripe for payment gateway. At the signup up stage, your Identity is verified through Stripe. This ensures that we have verified users onboard.

How is carpooling environmentally friendly?
Carpooling with other riders and drivers means for every rider carpooling, there is one less car on the road. One less car means less pollution in our atmosphere.

How does Travvy work?

Carpooling with Travvy is simple. As a rider your journey will picked up by a driver. As a driver you will be matched with a rider near you, and you will have the option to accept or reject the offer. You can choose to be a Driver or Rider from one same app.

What are the benefits of Travvy carpooling?
Travvy saves money, time. Travvy is also a social carpooling app. It is a great way to forget about being in stressful traffic and chat with your riders. You can save money you would spend on fuelling your car.


How can I download the Travvy app?
You can download the Travvy app on your phone from the Playstore or Appstore.

How do I set up a profile?
When you sign up on the Travvy app, you will need
• Set up your account
• Email verify your account
• Set up your riders/drivers’ preferences

All your details will be saved to the app, ready to go for future rides.

You can always change your preferences at any time.

How do I look for a ride?
To look for a ride, simply tap on FIND A RIDE and you will be matched with a carpool Driver near you.

Do I need to have a car for carpooling?
You do not need to have a car if you only wish to be driven. If you wish to become a Travvy driver you will need to have a closed vehicle.

How do I offer a carpool as a driver?
To offer rides as a driver, you need make sure you offer a ride in your account.

You will be prompted to accept or decline the carpool requests by riders near you. You do not need a license from DOT to be a Travvy Driver. Ofcourse except your Driving license:)

How old do I have to be to travel alone?
To travel alone with Travvy drivers, you need to be 18 years and over. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

How do I cancel my ride?
Currently, we dont have an option to cancel the ride. You can always plan your ride in advance to avoid any inconvenience.


How do I become a Travvy driver:
Signup on the app. Add your car details and your bank details. 

Can I switch between driver & rider?
Travvy seamlessly lets you switch roles between a rider or driver using the same account.

How old can I be a driver?
Users need to be 18 years and over


What are Travvy’s payment options?
Cashless payments. Travvy accepts Card payments via‘Stripe’ as a payment option

How do I pay for a Travvy carpool ride?
In the Travvy app, you will need to pay once your ride is accepted by the driver. You will be asked your Bank card details from where you wish the payment to be charged.

How is Travvy budget friendly?
Travvy is budget friendly, it tries to match the amount you would pay for your public transport commute.

Travvy caters to all commuters, and has a reasonable price suited for everyone.

How does Travvy charge per trip?
Travvy charges a fee per kilometre. This fee is displayed on the Travvy app when you select your journey. Riders pay less if there are more than one rider in car when you join a carpool. Carpooling with new people can be exciting, please make sure you arrive on time where you are scheduled to be picked up, to avoid problems with other riders’ commitments.

Be nice and considerate of others.

How can I get the best matching ride?
To be matched with a driver quickly near you please:
• Complete your profile
• Verify your account by registering with your phone number.

• Set enough time before seeking a carpool, so you are not running late!

How do I carpool with others?
When you look for a Travvy carpool, you will be matched with a driver/rider.

You will then have the option to accept the proposed carpool.


How can I report another Travvy user?
After journeys and trips, you can send us any feedback on your drivers/riders to
If you encountered severe problems with a user please contact the Travvy Team on email

Travvy makes sure we take action on the reported user.
In emergencies please call your local police at number 000 and other emergency services.