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Travvy is convenient carpooling

The Travvy carpool app makes finding rides near you quick and fun

  • Find thousands of matching carpool routes 
  • Travvy drivers are available 24/7
  • Let someone else take you to your destination 
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Save money on gas with our car sharing app

Save money on the go

Long term carpooling with Travvy saves you money you would typically spend on daily fuel, public transport, and parking costs.

  • Save money on your car costs by giving ride
  • Spend less on parking tickets
  • Reduce daily expenses on fuel

Travvy saves time

Get to your destination faster by directly commuting there, avoid the

timewasting detours typically seen by public transport.

  • Instantly match with a driver
  • Forget about finding parking
  • No more waiting for public transport
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Travvy is environmentally friendly

Sharing a carpool with other riders, means less cars on the road and less fuel emissions. That makes a happier healthy planet

  • Reduce Co2 by sharing Journeys
  • Reduced Pollution
  • Reduce daily expenses on fuel

Make new friends with Travvy

Travvy is also a great way to be social. Meet other likeminded Travyllers,

going on similar routes as you are.

  • Meet and connect with other Travvy users
  • Chat freely in a small safe environment
  • Checkout for events near you and make new friends
Make new friends with our carpool app
Easy to use car sharing app Australia

Travvy app is easy to use

The Travvy app is easy to use, easy to setup.

Personalize your profile and find car rides that suit you.

  • Option to accept or reject the rides
  • Real time tracking
  • Instantly find a carpool for your carpool

Travvy is for everyone

Travvy was created to cater to everyone’s needs. No matter where you want to go, how much on a budget you are. There is a Travvy driver near you that can take you anywhere.

  • Perfect for daily office, vacation, and event commutes
  • Be a Travvy driver or a rider
  • Travel safely in every commute
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Safest Carpool App Perth

Feel safe with Travvy:

Travvy creates a safe space for you to commute peacefully in.

  • Users are verified by their Identity
  • Child safe travel

Become a Travvyler today.

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